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Jonathan Elmer has some 20 years experience working as as an ecologist in Durham and the Northeast. He has worked across the private sector and within Council planning sections.

He has worked on numerous major development projects including the Channel Tunnel Rail link, the Manchester Metrolink, various opencast mineral extractions, industrial and residential developments. Elmer Ecology Durham offers comprehensive coverage of ecological services that may be required in relation to planning applications for a single house to a major development. Our aim is always to shape development to avoid ecological loss, compensate for unavoidable impact and where possible provide ecological gain. Services include:

Protected species surveys and reports

Elmer Ecology Durham can organise the licenced survey of protected species including badgers, bats, great crested newts, water voles, barn owls, birds, butterflies, otters, reptiles, white clawed cray fish and plants.

Ecological Surveys and Assessment

Other surveys may be required to detect ecological constraints and inform mitigation, compensation and habitat enhancement measures. These include:-

Phase 1 and Extended Phase 1 botanical survey

This is most commonly requested by planning officers and enables identification of any valuable ecological components where additional specific survey may be requested.



Phase 2 (NVC) botanical survey

This may be required for areas of known ecological value and provides a more detailed analysis of botanical habitats and species present on a site.

Full Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)

Either stand-alone, or as part of a multi-disciplinary Environmental Impact Assessment

Ecological site appraisal and reporting specifically for BREEAM assessments

River Corridor Survey and River Habitat Survey

These are methods for surveying the geomorphology and ecology of streams and rivers often requested by the Environment Agency in connection with developments that may affect watercourses. Elmer Ecology has considerable experience in these survey methods.

Design of Ecological Mitigation, Compensation and Enhancement

Elmer Ecology Durham has considerable experience in the design and implementation of measures to mitigate, compensate and enhance habitats. Such measures are often a ‘condition’ of a planning approval or may be proposed by the developer to demonstrate a net positive ecological impact associated with the development.

Habitat Management Specification

Elmer Ecology Durham has considerable experience in the development of site / habitat management plans which often form the basis of funding applications. Elmer Ecology has experience of developing management plans for woodland, meadow, and aquatic habitats, and to suit the needs of specific priority species and habitats.

Expert Witness

Elmer ecology is able to prepare and submit evidence at public hearings and in relation to planning appeals.

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